Multiple Job Offers – How To Choose

As the employment market becomes more buoyant, more companies are recruiting, more interviews are happening and therefore more offers are being made. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple options, it’s one of those “good” headaches to have. But how do you know which role is best for you and which offer will you accept?

There are of course many factors you will have considered when making the application in the first place such as salary and location, but what are the finer details to consider when making a decision on who you should work for next?

What to consider

  • Additional benefits. What makes up the complete package? As well as salary and any bonus potential involved, private medical insurance, company pension, car allowance and support through professional qualifications can add real value to your package. But what about Income Protection, Death In Service, Cycle2work schemes, discounted employee benefits? A lot of these points are not the headline grabber that a high salary is but it is definitely worth considering before making a decision.
  • Company culture. You may find that the company that has the most attractive employment package does not match your personality as closely as another company that is offering less. You will have to ask yourself what your motivators are and what will make you happier in the long run. Unfortunately, we cannot answer that for you!
  • Why has the vacancy you are applying for become available? This is an important one. If you find there is a long list of people who’ve been in the role but left you must ask yourself why. High turnover can be indicative not only of the role and department specifically but of the company in general. Find this out before your first day otherwise there could be a nasty surprise waiting for you.
  • Progression opportunities. Will the company be able to keep up with your ambitions? How long do you want to be in this role before looking at internal progression to the next role? Understand the company structure so you can clearly chart your progression and see where your next role could be.

Although not an exhaustive list reviewing the above should mean that when you make a decision, you don’t have to make another one like it for a long time.

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