How to Resign

You’ve researched the company, sneakily taken time off work to attend competency based interviews and received an offer of employment. Job done! However according to a recent survey we conducted the most nerve wracking part of the recruitment process is still to come – resigning professionally.

Telling your manager you are leaving can be a difficult conversation, but if done in the right way it can be a fairly pain free. Here’s our ‘How to Resign’ guide.

How to resign

  • It’s called “handing your notice” for a reason. Ensure you have a meeting with your manager and let them know your decision.
  • Have a letter printed and in your email drafts ready to send. Keep the content of the letter brief giving the facts only.
  • Thank your current employers for the opportunity to work for them.
  • You don’t need to put the reasons for leaving in writing, this is something you can discuss during the meeting.
  • Know your rights – you may have outstanding holiday entitlement that is due to you.
  • Keep it professional. Don’t get personal and do not insult managers/colleagues, whilst it might be tempting to do so!
  • Remain dedicated whilst working your notice and try to help with training your replacement.

You never know when you may encounter ex-managers or colleagues again in the future so remember not to burn any bridges.

Treat resigning like breaking up, “it’s not you, it’s me”. Or like taking off a plaster, do it in one quick rip!

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