Recruiting In A Candidate Driven Market

Today’s employment market, without doubt, is a “candidate driven”. It is extremely competitive for employers to secure the candidates they want.

So what can give you the edge over your competitors?

  1. Shorten the timescales. Yes it takes a while to review CVs and applications but at the outset have clear deadlines to work towards. We would recommend a timeframe of one month from making a vacancy live, interviewing and making an offer, if not sooner. Anything longer could lead to disappointment because a competitor company has moved quickly to secure the best candidate.
  2. Be decisive. If you see someone you like and think fits the requirements of the role, move on that candidate…quickly. If you want to wait to “benchmark” a preferred candidate with further interviews and delay, you’ll probably find yourself back at square one.
  3. It’s not all about salary. Although salary is an important factor for candidates, it is often not the primary deciding factor. Look at other things like working hours, flexibility, environment, company culture and additional benefits.
  4. YOU’RE being interviewed. In such a buoyant market candidates are going to want to know why they should choose your organisation. It is a two-way street so give the best impression of your organisation.
  5. Give feedback. With the rise of social media everyone has a voice so be sure to give feedback to candidates who have not been successful. It only takes on post/tweet/dislike/thumbs down to put all candidates off applying to your company.

Employers who follow the above will secure the talent they desire.